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Bhubaneshwar- the capital city of Odisha, is a charismatic city and offers a range of reason to roam around in the city and get soaked in its brilliant aura. However, it the weather of the city, which may make you think twice before stepping out of your house. At times, it is the scorching heat or the rains that hamper the plan of travelling around without any problem. But not anymore!


Taxi Services in Bhubaneshwar- Then and Now!

Back in old days, people had to use public conveyance to reach from one place to another if they did not have their own vehicle. Weather they had to travel to long distances or wanted to see around the city itself, they had to think twice and workout on a plan that would cause them less issues and travelling could also fit into their budgets. And the problems got worsened if families needed to travel. The existing cab services in Bhubaneshwar were expensive and unreliable.


The Taxi Services in Bhubaneshwar were not this much efficient earlier. However, with the introduction of Omm Travel and Tours, situation has improved a lot. Now whether you are looking forward to visit the tourist destinations in and around the city, decide to explore the Golden Triangle i.e. Bhubaneshwar, Puri and Konark, have to go on vacation out of the station, or just have to visit mall, hospital, school or any other place, you have a dependable taxi service in Bhubaneshwar.


Traps by Ordinary Cab Services in Bhubaneshwar

Let’s see what are the issues, which you generally face while trying to hire a car on rent-

Sky-rocketing charges- The car-renting agencies keep their prices very high, making it almost impossible for people to use their services. The worst part is that many of them try to take advantage of the situation. If just in case you go for car hire in Bhubaneshwar at very short notice or you need them urgently, they would not take another moment in shooting their prices up.

Unreliable Services- Had it also occurred with you that you kept waiting for the cab, which should have been at your doorstep 1 hour before, but still there are no signs of the cab? Yes, this is one of the most common problems. The service provided at times is so poor that instead of going out to have fun you decide to stay back at your place.

Hidden Costs and Fake Fairs- Many times you are not told the overall cost and when you have travelled in the cab, you are told the hidden costs. If car travels in Bhubaneshwar itself, then also in the name of surge pricing you are asked to pay unreasonable fairs, which are totally fake.

How to avoid these steps?

Well, reach out to Omm Travels and Tours, as they are known for making the travelling experience best and comfortable. With their transparent charges, extraordinary and dependable service and fairs that are light on your pocket, you need not think even for once while hiring taxi or cab from Omm Travels and Tours.

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