Bhubaneswar is a fastest growing city. With the growth of the city new opportunities and facilities are being developed. New services are also raising their head to make people's life better and easier. Cab service is one of them. Now it's a time where a cab is just a click ahead. Before hiring a cab one should check out these facts first.

Before booking a cab everyone should check the bellow listed facts first.

Check what others say about

Before booking a cab checkout the ratings and reviews of the cab service provider first. It’s easy to checkout on Google map. A cab service provider with a rating of 3.5/5 is ok. But when you see a cab with a rating bellow 3.5/5 you should not book it. The reviews also matters a lot.

Assigning pick up time

20-30 min delay is deemed standard by Indian practice. When you plan your trip, suggest keeping at least 30 min buffer for possible delays and traffic jams. More if you need to cross popular traffic bottlenecks or peak hours. Better reach 30 min early and wait, than miss train/flight by a few mins. If everything goes as per plan, then you might arrive very early, but that is more manageable situation than scrambling for options last minute. Carry a book to read.

Booking Confirmation

Most taxi operators now have a system in place that sends a proper booking confirmation, either by SMS or by app.

If the operator can’t send a confirmation and only orally confirms, then you might have bigger risk. Unless the agency office is closer home or you know the operator in person, avoid such operators.

Communication of Driver

Non communication of driver details should be your first sign that something is wrong. If not received in time, check with operator. If no satisfactory answer is given and if you can’t get through to the driver, initiate another plan.

If the cab is late

Catch it if you still have time to make it to your destination. Most of the train, flight status, location etc can be checked real time. If they are running late, you will know. See if you can change boarding point (refer next point)

Avoid Sleepy Driver

If the driver is sleepy avoid the cab. In rush times driers are forced to do overtime. For that they miss their sleep. Accident may happen with such condition so it’s good to avoid it.