While travelling in a cab, keep in mind the following few tips. Your tour will no longer boring.

Always try to start your journey before the traffic rush, means early in the morning. Waiting in the traffic queue is not a fun at all. It will make you feel bored and irritating. Most of the while travelling on a long tour by cab alone, we feel bored, if the driver is not communicative. So keep books with you. Reading books while travelling is a good practice. It will not let you bored. Now-a-days it’s common to pass time by surfing the internet on your smart phone. You can do so. But it will not let you enjoy your trip too much. While travelling you can keep your camera with you and snap some pictures to keep your best moments in your frame.

If you are a music lover then no need to listen to music of driver’s choice. Before the journey keep a collection of favourite tracks in your USB device. Just play it and enjoy your journey.

Always keep small denomination currencies with you. It will help you paying at the toll gates. You don’t need to wait too much for the change.

Using washrooms is another big problem during journey. Many gas stations, road side dhabas, Toll gates have washrooms. So ask the driver to stop there.

Always try to be friendly to the locals. So that you can know more about the place.

Happy Journey.