Cab and Taxi services in Bhubaneswar have taken a new make-over.

You don’t believe? Well, check this out here.

Earlier the only public conveyance available in the city were buses and autos. But over the time some cab services have been introduced in the city, which are gaining popularity because not only they are comfortable, but at times when the weather is in bad mood, cabs save you from getting hit by poor weather conditions.


Also, with so many places to see around in the city, taxi services are becoming a need of hour. Whether you want to visit Nanandankan, or would like to go to Dhauli, or even if you have movie plan with your friends, book the car travels in Bhubaneswar and reach your desired destination easily.


However, ease comes with a price. And this is well known fact that cab services like Ola and Uber surge their prices during peak hours or during the times when they know people will definitely hire cars to commute. Similarly, some other cab and taxi services in Bhubaneswar keep their prices so high that common man can never think of taking cab or taxi to reach from one place to another.

Is there any solution to this problem?

Well yes!

Just like you choose your clothes and food wisely, choose you cab service provider wisely. Omm Travels and Tours is one of the well-recognized agency in Bhubaneswar. Right from offering taxi services to outstations and local-travelling they rent cars at very affordable prices. This agency is one of those crucial players that is aiming to bring the comfort and enjoyment of travelling with cabs in the budget of tight-pockets and lending a new avatar to cabs and taxi services in Bhubaneswar.


Benefits of Choosing Omm Travels and Tours


1-     Well-maintained Cabs

This is one of the things that can make your travelling a worst experience. At times, cab service providers do not maintain their taxis, creating problem for the people hiring the cabs on rent. Either the condition of the cab is very poor, making it uncomfortable to sit-in or in worst cases the car-engine gives up. At times, there is no spare tire just in case any of tires get punctured. But Omm Travels have set a benchmark in this field. All their cabs and taxis are well maintained and you can even take them for long rides.

2-     Affordable Prices

Unlike other agencies and Ola & Uber, Omm Travels have very reasonable prices that are fixed. So, no matter if it’s raining, sun shining bright or you are calling them at peak hours- you will pay only the reasonable price for your travel.

3-     Excellent Service and Well-behaved Staff

Many times, we get to hear that driver misbehaved with the passengers, or the driver arrived 1-2 hour late. This is one of the very serious issues faced by people who hire car in Bhubaneswar. But, Omm Travels and Tours ensure full safety and satisfaction of their passengers by providing excellent service and hire credible and well-behaved staff.


So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with best taxi service in Bhubaneswar now!